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TELECOST CMS is the most complete room Call Accounting package available today. Our hotel call accounting software allows you to mark up your guests calls and profit from your hotel or motel phone system every time someone picks up a room phone. We provide our TELECOST CMS hotel call accounting software to hotels, motels, resorts, and inns.

(Note: Telecost CMS is also known as SHADOW CMS for International Versions)

While our TELECOST CMS software is in use in hotels with as many as 4000 guest rooms, we offer scaled packages with large discounts for hotels, motels, inns, and resorts with up to 50 rooms, 100 rooms, 250 rooms, and up to 500 rooms. We also sell our complete open license package for hotels with 500+ guest rooms that require a full featured call accounting package that integrates with a Property Management system.

At HOTELtelecom, we fully integrate this fantastic software package to your phone switch. TELECOST CMS is powered by the latest Call Cost Table Updates. Extensive reports and flexible billing provide your property with a tremendous profit center!

TELECOST CMS also seamlessly integrates with our Property Management system and Tools CTI Pack. This allows for all room calls to be tracked directly through our reservation software. This ensures that ALL of your telecom equipment works in harmony to provide the ultimate automation of your property.

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality is engineered to provide a cost-effective way to increase revenue in hotel, motel, hospital and shared tenant environments. The flexibility of TELECOST allows for check-in & check-out, instantaneous billing to the printer and direct interface to property management systems. Discover the lucrative and accurate way to charge for your telephone calls!

Basic Features of TELECOST CMS for Hospitality

  • All Hospitality Customers Receive 24-Hour Support!
  • Rapid Check-in & Checkout
  • Instantaneous Billing To A Printer
  • Instantaneous Billing To Our Property Management System
  • Selectively Bill For Calls different types of calls, thresholds and durations
  • Works with virtually any telephone system
  • Automatic Job Scheduler
  • HTML, RTF and TXT reporting
  • Complete with V&H Tables and Tariff structures (updates via optional annual maintenance)
  • Integrates with all popular Property Management Systems
  • Email reports
  • Dynamic Filtering Criteria for Ad-hoc Reporting
  • No maximum call capacity
  • Integrates with Tools CTI Pack applications for wake up calls, message waiting, maid status
  • Emergency and Ad-hoc Notification
  • Poll multiple devices simultaneously (i.e. PBX, HOBIC Merge)
  • Countless Report Templates or design your own
  • Tracks Internet, Data and ISDN traffic usage
  • Determine best available services with Carrier Comparisons
  • Professional and Courteous Support
  • Never Have An Outdated System
  • Bill for multiple extensions in the same room
  • Add surcharges, taxes, markups and custom rates
  • Complete guest rooms and administrative reports
  • Break down calls by any service type: local, long distance, international, 0+, service calls, etc.

Flexibility of TELECOST CMS for Hospitality

Rapid Check-In & Check-Out

TELECOST allows smaller hotels and motels the option of producing telephone invoices without interfacing to a guest tracking system. Simply enter the room number and a list of telephone charges is produced.

Instantaneous Billing to a Printer

TELECOST may be used like a traditional telephone billing printer. Immediately after a call is placed, TELECOST will evaluate the charges, apply appropriate surcharges and output directly to a printer.

Instantaneous Billing to a Property Management System (PMS)

TELECOST interfaces to all property management systems that utilize an RS-232 cable as an input source for telephone expenses. There is no additional module required to accomplish this interface. TELECOST utilizes special drivers for communicating data to each PMS vendors specifications. The ACK/NAK protocol is supported. TELECOST may optionally utilize sentinel files for PMS systems that can run on the same computer or across a network. Many TELECOST functions can now be called directly through our special Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Long distance carrier billing records can also be merged and sent to the PMS.

Selectively Bill for Calls

You may selectively bill for local, toll free, operator assisted, long distance etc... TELECOST will add any surcharge, markup or flat rate any call. Guest calls may be capped at a maximum surcharge.

Q&A about TELECOST CMS for Hospitality

How are reports generated?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality allows for reports to be generated to any output device (ie. screen, printer, disk, serial device, etc to a variety of formats inc. TXT, HTML, RTF.).From the Report Generator dialog box the user may select the report style, name and filter, the destination output device, and various reporting options.

How many reports by hierarchy can be generated?

Corporate hierarchies may be defined for as many as 10 levels. TELECOST CMS corporate levels may be user-defined for Departments, Divisions, Sections, Cost Centres, etc.

How are reports viewed and printed?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality Report Generator creates and sends reporting information to various output devices. Whenever you send a report's output to either the screen or disk a Report Window will be displayed. The Report Window contains an on-screen view displaying your requested reporting information.

How are alternate long distance services treated?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality provides many pre-canned domestic and international rate and tariff files. These files are included with the distribution diskettes. Customers which subscribe to Extended Annual Maintenance receive free upgrades of these rate files. Generally, published rates from the telephone company and the major national long distance suppliers are provided. Additional carrier rates are not distributed with updates unless pre-arranged with the manufacturer.

Can custom rates and tariffs be applied?

Deregulation allowed most carriers the flexibility of not publishing their rates. Customers may selectively enter their own special rate cards into TELECOST CMS for Hospitality or fax them directly to the manufacturer for configuration.

Can reports be set up to run automatically?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality provides a comprehensive built-in Job Scheduler for automating tasks by day, time, hour, day of week, month and year. Therefore, reports, polling cycles, archiving and diagnostics may be selected to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc...

Will the manufacturer run the reports for the customer via Service Bureau?

Yes, the manufacturer will provide customers with limited resources outsourcing alternatives. The manufacturer will provide the same billing, exception, traffic and diagnostic solutions via remote polling.

How does the system determine call destinations?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality provides a complete V&H coordinate system equipped with the new NANP format, international country codes and flexible PBX/KSU origination definitions.

Can I use TELECOST CMS for Wakeup Calls?

Yes, Norstar & BCM customers may elect to purchase a CTA 100 interface and accessory Tools CTI Pack for wake up calls, and toll restriction. Customers of Nitsuko, Mitel, Lucent and various other vendors can also have full integration with our PMSi module.

How do I know the system is pricing calls accurately?

TELECOST CMS for Hospitality provides a built-in Example Call Costing module that allows the operator to enter a sample telephone call to anywhere in the world. The system responds with the cost of the call as determined by the configuration.

Will TELECOST CMS work with PBXs?

The only requirement is a data stream containing the call transaction or call detail recording (CDR). TELECOST CMS for Hospitality will support ANY data format.

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