Our Product Return Policy

Our return policy is as follows:

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to request information on our return policy, either verbally or written, prior to making a purchase. If the customer does not request this information, the customer is immediately bound by our return policy as soon as a purchase agreement is signed and returned via mail, fax or email for processing.
  • On regularly priced merchandise we have a standard 25% restocking fee on all qualifying products returned after being shipped.
  • For all orders cancelled prior to the shipping of goods to the purchaser, a reduced 10% processing fee will apply, except in cases where Hotel Telecom has already transacted a Purchase Order for any product to fill the purchaser's order. In these cases, the 25% restocking fee will apply and be levied against any refunded amount.
  • Return of goods or cancellation must be completed within seven days of the purchase date. The purchase date is the date that your Purchase Agreement was faxed to us for processing.
  • We also offer exchanges with no restocking fees during that same seven day period. All shipping charges, and related brokerage fees, duties, and taxes remain the responsibility of the purchaser, unless other arrangements have been made within the sales agreement.
  • On sale priced items, all sales are final. A product is deemed sale priced either directly within the sales agreement, implied in telephone or email conversations relating to the regular price of products being sold, or in direct comparison to a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). It is the responsibility of the customer to ask our sales representative for the MSRP in advance of purchase.
  • If a product proves to be defective, our warranty for manufacturers defects for all products is a standard period of one year, unless otherwise stipulated within the sales agreement. This provides for a repair or replacement of the defective goods only. All shipping charges for warranty claims are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • All products that are returned must be accompanied by a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. An RMA number is issued only after the products in question have been deemed qualifying for return utilizing the above criteria. Unless an RMA number is issued, no product will be accepted for return.
  • All products that are returned must arrive in original condition and be in their original packaging and with all parts, accessories and documentation intact. Any product that arrives at our offices damaged, not in original condition, or missing any of these items will be returned to the customer with collect shipping charges, whether or not an RMA number has been previously issued for the product.
  • We always strive to have happy customers. Our return policy is in place to provide clear guidelines that will ensure a customer always knows where they stand after a purchase is made. We appreciate your business!
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