Scitec 800T Hotel Phone

Note: The Scitec 800T has been replaced by the Scitec Aegis T

Scitec 800T two-line speakerphone Scitec 800T Hotel Phone

The Scitec 800T is a two-line hotel phone with a built-in speakerphone and 10 programmable guest service keys.

The integrated message waiting lightbar functions as both a speed dial key and message retrieval system. A single touch of the blinking lightbar simultaneously turns on the speakerphone and speed dials the guest into their hotel guestroom voice mailbox. Printed in-room dialing instructions are no longer required.

800 Series 2-line models are equippped with electronic line selection, a smart dataport that finds the open line, and EEPROM memory that eliminates the need for batteries.


  • 2-Line Speakerphone
  • 10 Programmable Guest Service Keys
  • Patented One-Touch Voice Mail Retrieval Touchbar
  • Automatic Electronic Line Selection
  • Data Port
  • Dual-Function NEON/LED Message Waiting Light
  • Dual Red (Ringing/Hold) and Green (In-Use) LED Line and Key Indicators
  • Hands-Free Key
  • Convenient 3-Step Volume Control Up/Down Rocker Key
  • Flash Key
  • Hold Key
  • Redial Key
  • Mute Key
  • 3-Way Conference Key
  • Individual HI/LO Ringer Controls for Both Line 1 and Line 2
  • Different Ringing Tones for
  • Line 1 and Line 2
  • ADA-Compliant Volume Control
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • Available in Ash and Black
  • Click here for the Scitec 800T Manual (PDF)

Note: The Scitec 800T has been replaced by the Scitec Aegis T

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