Scitec EH2000 Hospital Phone Holder

Scitec EH2000 Hospital Phone Stand

The Scitec EH2000 is a hospital bedrail telephone holder designed to fit most common hospital beds.

Designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities, choose from one-piece, and slim line phone styles, as well as our popular side-mount telephone bedrail holder, which fits all popular patient room bed brands.

Want to reduce cross-contamination risks, and telephone cleaning and repair costs? Deploy Scitec healthcare telephones as single-use or single patient units.


  • Telephone Bedrail Holder
  • Open-Side Design Assures Data Port Access
  • Adjustable Bedrail Slide Release Mounting
  • Rubber Stabilizer Prevents Rotation on Bedrail
  • Fits Most Popular Bedrail Models
  • Designed To Also Fit Firmly On Desk or Nightstand
  • Available in White
Quantity Product Description
Scitec EH2000 Telephone Bedrail Holder - Color: WHITE

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