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Teledex is the world leading manufacturer of hotel phones. Hotel Telecom is a leading distributor of Teledex Guest Room Phones. It's that simple.

We offer the complete line of Teledex Hotel Phones. For those on the cutting edge of technology, we sell the stylish and sophisticated M Series phones as well as the E Series and I Series micro-footprint phones. We also sell the budget oriented Nugget phones, the Diamond, Diamond 2-Line and Opal series, right through to the Millennium and Cordless series hotel phones. Hotel Telecom offers the complete selection of Teledex Hotel Phones.

Teledex M Series Cordless VoIP Handsets

Teledex M Series Standard VoIP Single Line PhonesM Series Standard VoIP phones are sophisticated, stylish guest phones that combine multiple features designed to enhance hospitality success and guest satisfaction.

Teledex has merged contemporary elegance with smart technologies for an enhanced in-room telephone and media experience. By doing so they have redefined hotel guestroom telephony.

The M Series by Teledex: more than just a phone.

These cordless VoIP Handsets (RediDocks) must be used with an M Series single-line or M Series two-line phone base.

M Series Cordless VoIP Handset Features:

  • Available in 1.8 GHz and 1.9 GHz
  • Single or Two-Line speakerphone
  • Up to four remote handsets (RediDocks) can be supported per base
  • 0, 3 or 6 configurable guest service keys on handset
  • HAC/VCH (ADA) compliant handset volume boost
  • Black colour
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Single-Line Cordless Handsets (RediDock)
M103IPHDKT Single-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
No Guest Service Keys
M103IP3HDKT Single-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
3 Guest Service Keys
M103IP6HDKT Single-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
6 Guest Service Keys
Two-Line Cordless Handsets (RediDock)
M203IPHDKT Two-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
No Guest Service Keys
M203IP3HDKT Two-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
3 Guest Service Keys
M203IP6HDKT Two-Line Cordless VoIP Handset
6 Guest Service Keys

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